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Native Pottery Demonstration

with Helen Bird, Santo Domingo Pueblo

February 19, 2020 1:00 pm through 4:00 pm

Helen D. Bird is a self-taught master potter who learned about traditional pottery making by watching her great-aunt, whom she only knew as Sah’NaYa. Bird started experimenting with pottery making in 1984. Today, her work is sought by collectors and is housed in museums and local collections. Helen has also continued making utilitarian pottery as well as ceremonial pieces.

Bird was commissioned to create a Native American designed Starbucks travel mug which has been sold world-wide. Although Bird focuses on traditional Pueblo polychrome and micaceous pottery, she has recently added a contemporary flair to her traditional designs. 

Bird takes pride in gathering and processing all natural, local materials including the clays, temper and paints. Her pots are traditionally fired at her family home. All processes are being passed down to her children and grandchildren.