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New Technology in Art: Innovation at the Institute of American Indian Arts

A Friends of Indian Art Member Event

October 15, 2020 3:00 pm through 5:00 pm

Innovation has been a tradition in Native arts from the very beginning. Indigenous cultures have adopted whatever materials or technologies have been available to speak about the things those cultures held most important. From pre-contact ceramic work and shell carving, to the use of trade-beads and European metalworking technologies, to our current era of digital design and fabrication, Native artists have embraced the most current and cutting edge tools to create works of art that speak to the issues that face their people. The Digital Fabrication Lab at the Institute of American Indian Arts, in coordination with its other studios, is working to put those tools into the hands of the next generation of innovative Indigenous artists. The work being produced in conjunction with the IAIA FabLab, from students, staff, faculty, and artists-in-residence, spans an incredibly diverse set of materials, topics, and practices, continuing the long and storied tradition of artistic innovation in Native art. We will hear from Brian Fleetwood (Muscogee/Creek), Assistant Professor in Studio Art at IAIA. 

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