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General Information

Phone: (505) 476-1269
Museum Shop: (505) 982-5057
Museum Hill Café: (505) 984-8900
Location & Mailing Address: 710 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Email: miac.info@state.nm.us


Della Warrior, Director, (505) 476-1251 della.warrior@state.nm.us

Matthew Martinez, Deputy Director, (505) 476-1272 matthewj.martinez@state.nm.us 

School Group Visits 

VACANT, Director of Education   

Tour/Adult Group Visits 


Rentals and Special Events

Angela Crespin, (505) 476-1247  angela.crespin@state.nm.us

Outreach and Education Programs


Allison Colborne, Librarian, (505) 476-1264  allison.colborne@state.nm.us


Individually Cataloged Collections
VACANT, Curator of ICC Collections  

Diane Bird, Archivist  (505) 476-1255  diana.bird@state.nm.us

Archaeological Research Collections
Julia Clifton, Curator of Archaeological Research Collections, (505) 476-1268  julia.clifton@state.nm.us

Rights and Reproductions

Lisa Mendoza, Registrar, (505) 476-1329 lisa.mendoza@state.nm.us 

Web Site

Please direct all inquiries, requests, concerns, comments, and complaints about the MIAC/Lab Web site to